Monday, May 28, 2012

I might be gaining weight.

But that's okay :)

Especially since what is making me gain weight should approximately be arriving November 3rd of this year.


Gaining weight is a good thing for me right now. I am almost 110 now, and my midwife has said I can gain 40 pounds. Because apparently I really need it.

Right when we were writing our first check for our midwife last week, we found out that Brandon has been put on payroll and will be getting a set amount of money each month/year!! What a blessing and PRAISE GOD! :) He is working full time from home, couldn't ask for anything better.

Just incase it isn't clear- we are having a baaaaaby!
Due in November.
And, I am 17 weeks along.

I blame the pregnancy for not being motivated to update my blog. It has definitely taken the back burner, but I will try to do better :)

So there you have secret is out to the entire world. Crazy. :)
Not that I can hide it much in person, but it's been nice hiding it sommmmewhat from the internet world :)

Be praying for us and little baby.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Five Foods- Day 5

1- I am going to go all non-healthy here- a cheese burger from Five Guys, and their frys. MMMMMMMMmmmmm!

2- Banana bread. yummm.

3- Fruit

4- celery and peanut butter, celery and ranch dressing, or just a good salad.

5- Chow Mein- growing up that was always my choice for my birthday dinner :)

So there you have it. Day five complete.
Four more days to go! wooooot!

Can't wait to share about what I've been cooking recently.