Monday, March 2, 2015


Okay. Deep down inside (and it shows outwardly as well), I am a pack rat.
There's a problem that comes with that, unfortunately. Clutter.
I hate clutter.
If you asked my mom 5 years ago she would say "what?! You hate clutter? Never. Look at your room!"
Well, a lot has changed in 5 years and having a house of my own has more than likely changed my perspective on clutter.

Brandon and I go thru phases where everything is nice and clean, everything has a place and then...boom. Things are not in their place and I get stressed just looking at our room or our living room. So we get into cleaning mode and tear the room apart and put it back together-then we can breathe.
It's wonderful!

One of the recent snow days we had resulted in a more organized and clean kitchen! I finally got to the point where I couldn't stand looking at our kitchen. Ours is small and we don't have a pantry and we have very limited cabinet space.
So Brandon and I worked on tackling the top of the fridge first and then the pots and pans and the tuppaware.

Often times when we do this type of thing I can be irrational and just want to get rid of EVERYTHING! And start over.
But that just isn't practical. Which is why I am thankful to have a very level headed husband beside me when we do these types of projects :) he reins me back in when I have the impulse to trash everything we own and gives me alternatives and brain storms with me on how we can make it better. How we can use our space wisely.

We downsized our plastic storage containers and got rid of some pots and pans and other containers that we either don't use or really just don't need. It was so freeing.
All of the things we got rid of went into a big pile on the kitchen floor.

It was then bagged up and put in the basement until our $.50 yard sale my sister and I are having at the end of this month! 
Everything is now so much more accessible and orderly looking. It makes living with a tiny kitchen in a rental a little bit more bearable :)
Our next project is our "pantry". I am hoping to be able to use some of our household budget soon to buy organizing containers to help contain the mess and make it look less of an eye sore :)
It's pretty unsightly.
I am thankful for our cash system (more on that later) and our budget because I KNOW that we will have the money soon to be able to slowly decorate/make over our house! It's quite exciting :) It might be a slow process but it's definitely worth it.