Thursday, September 26, 2013

Busy weekends!

Such cuties!!Last weekend we drove all the way down to NC for Brandon's grandma's 80th birthday celebration!
On the way there we had to drive thru TN a little bit. It was such a gorgeous drive!! A long drive, but a beautiful one! :)

We had a great time catching up with family and then we headed to Ashville, NC and walked around a bit before heading home. It was definitely a long day!

This weekend was Brandon's birthday.  I had planned a get together at a park for him but there was a 90% chance of rain for that afternoon so we had it indoors :)

It worked out great and we had a wonderful time talking and eating yummy food :)
We even had wagon rides and arm wrestles!
Isaiah's best buddy Azariah was there and they had a great time together-despite what this photo above depicts :)
Such cuties!!

And then! On Sunday we made the long 3 hour drive out to Richmond to watch my little sister try on WEDDING dresses!!
She actually found THE dress and it was beautiful. I can't wait to see her in it!
(Not her dress-it was a sample dress)
Going to that David's bridal brought back a lot of great memories from MY trip there 2 years ago! When I went, it was just my mom and I which was really special! 
After the appointment we headed to Trader Joes because I had never been to one and since we drove 3 hours, we might as well stop! :)
There happened to be a chocolate thief amongst us!
We drove back home the same day so needless to say today is catch up day from this busy weekend! :) but it's been a great past two weekends! With more fun ones to come!

Monday, September 9, 2013


Saturday we had a surprise birthday party for Amy!!
It was great because my grandma and aunt were still in town so it was added time spent with them!
Amy Joy didn't have a clue as to what was coming and Zach even picked up the ice cream cake AND the food for dinner that afternoon with her IN the car! :)
Everyone was so sneaky and we were able to pull off a great party!
Happy birthday, Amy!!!
After the party, we stuck around and hung out with Zach and Amy and her siblings.
Asher and Isaiah had a great time playing and fighting together :) they are gonna be best buds :)
See what I mean?
Total adorableness :)

That day, Maddie asked me to be her bridesmaid!!!
(YES! by the way!! She is ENGAGED to be married next May!!!)

Such a great weekend!

More to come later! :) enjoy my posting spree!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tea with family

My moms mom and my moms twin sister were all in town this past week so they all came to visit us! Mom got to see our new place and she also took us all out to tea! Stephanie and her kids, Amy Joy and Asher and Isaiah and I! 

We went to an adorable little tea tavern near where we used to live!

We had the entire upstairs to ourselves and they even provided us with high chairs/booster seats! Were they prepared or what?

Everything was DELICIOUS and we had such a great time catching up!!!
The tea was in honor of Amy Joy's birthday :) good cause for celebration in my opinion!
It was all too pretty to not take photos of the food :)
My aunt Pat and I with Isaiah!
And you can't end a wonderful meal with out dessert can you?!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Around town

After the tea house, my mom and I took my grandma and Aunt to a few places around R- city. We went up to the Mill Mountain Star and then went downtown a bit.

The view up at the top is spectacular and I was able to point out Tinker Cliffs which was basically in our back yard at our old house!
While downtown we found a local shop that sold wine from a vineyard where Aunt Pats friend grew up. So we explored and she bought her friend some!
People were getting ready for their farmers market! Yum yum!

We had a great time and ended the day with dinner at Stephs house!
It was so nice to be able to visit with them. :)

Catch up?

Probably not going to happen all the way. Too much has been going on and to much has happened! So, for now I will do a mini version of catch up :) starting with our move!

Yep! We are all moved into our new house now and we LOVE it! We have the right side of a duplex and its a total of 1000 sq feet with a unfinished basement to store all of our junk in ;)
The main floor has the living room, dinning room and kitchen and the upstairs has the bathroom and two bed rooms. Isaiah finally has a room with enough space for his crib! That was pretty exciting to me :)

Our house is located in such a great area of town! I can walk out our front door and walk on side walks every where. So, needless to say, Isaiah and I go on a nice long walk just about every day :)

We were blessed with SO many wonderful helping hands the day we moved! We were going to move on a Saturday but that Friday we heard it was supposed to rain the next day so we called everyone up and they graciously were able to help us move that night!
We had to get a 26' Uhaul truck! That's all they had available! HUGE!!

Happy baby :)
One of our pastors even came and helped!
Getting alllll set up in our OWN place! Yay :)
Kitchen :)

Those are the only photos I have so far-but I will post more when we get things more out together!

Also-I just realized I can post to my blog from my ipod with a blogger app! AND post pictures using it too! Yay! And did I mention that it is sooo incredibly easy? I will definitely be addicted to posting now :)  this is so much better than using a computer!