Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snowy days

Recently we have had our fair share of snow and sick days, which means we have been stuck in the house for a couple of weeks! The first snow we got was almost 10" inches of fluffy white stuff and I thought isaiah would be excited to go out and play in it.
So, I spent about 25 minutes bundling both of the kids up and putting james in the ergo baby carrier and making sure we didn't have any skin showing. By the time we were headed out the door I had worked up a sweat.
Isaiah thought the snow was cool. Until he stepped into it. It came above his knees and he couldn't walk by himself. I probably heard the phrase "hold you mommy!!" (Aka- "hold ME, mommy!") twenty times in the short time we were outside.
I found our beach boogie board in the basement and put isaiah on the boogie board and pulled him around on that for approximately  1.5 minutes at which point I just let him sit on it and  eat freshly fallen snow.

He thought that was the best thing ever and was content staying there eating snow for a while, which was great because I was determined to stay out there longer than the amount of time it took us to get ready to play in the snow . ;)

After that one adventure out into the snow, isaiah had no desire to go out again. Therefore I resorted to Pinterest for indoor activities for toddlers.
Let me tell you-I think we could do several activities a day and never exhaust the endless ideas out there!
We did all sorts of things. Since we had so much snow we piainted snow.
He transferred water from one container to another with a water dropper.
We also used a teaspoon.
We made cloud dough. (2 parts cornstarch one part hair conditioner)
We washed out trucks and cars in bubbles.
We dropped colored vinegar onto a bed of baking soda. It fizzes and is really cool!

We have lots of other ideas too and I'll bedefinitely incorporating these into every day life. They keep him entertained so well!
Pinterest is the place to go to figure out WHAT to do with your kids when stuck inside for days on end :)