Friday, March 30, 2012

catching up

I will continue on with the 10 Day Challenge in my next post. I figured I had a few pictures to share and that before more time lapses I should post about them :)

We have been keeping pretty busy around here. Which is great. I don't mind keeping busy at all.

Before I go any further, let me tell you something. I have THE best dad in the world. Don't think any of you can argue. It's just the straight up honest truth.
Remember my last post? The "7 Wants"? My dad has gotten me THREE of those wants. A tortilla press. MY TROPHY! :) (so psyched about that one!) and 6 boxes of waffle cones. :) haha. The best I tell you.
I think we are stocked for a good long while on waffle cones :)

Thanks daddy!

While my dad and brothers were down in Florida for spring break and spring training, my mom and sisters and I met up in L-burg and had a really fun girls day out.
(lots of walking-but it was a gorgeous day!)

Ending at a quaint little teahouse downtown. So fun! We kept the ladies there busy re-filling our tea cups with their yummy, yummy tea :)
The food was great as well. Those scones-oh my. Delightful!!
It was a wonderful day, and I hope that we can do something like that again soon!

We also went to a wedding reception for a dear friend of ours that used to babysit us kids! I don't know what happened to my pictures of the Bride-but I can't seem to find them on my memory card. But I do have a silly picture of Brandon and I :)

Yep. Very silly.

This past weekend we got to spend the whole weekend with my brother and his adorable wife and we went to dinner, a movie, spent the night, and then went to go see my Grandpa. He is very sick right now, so it was really great!

So there's a brief update as to a few things we've been up to! Have a most blessed weekend!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Look at this. Two posts in a row. Don't get too used to it...but I might surprise you and post again tomorrow. With pictures :)

Seven Wants

1- I want a tortilla press.

2- I would love a better violin.

3- Someday it would be soo cool to have twins...I know. A weird want.

4- I am reallly wanting to travel the world someday. I can dream, right?

5- I want a trophy for the swim meet I was in years ago.

6- I would love to have a smaller house one day.

7-  I want a waffle cone.

Have a most blessed evening!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Eight Fears

What a terrible delay I have taken in updating my blog. So sad! :)
We have been keeping quite busy and while I have thought of updating, I just never felt like sitting down to actually update. Here I am though. Better late than never :) Guess we shall see how long it takes me to finish this Ten Day You Challenge.

Here we go-

Eight Fears

1- I have a terrible fear of getting poison ivy again. Haunts me every time I go out into the woods without my legs and arms completely covered up. I am highly allergic to it. I once was called "Poison Ivy Face".

2- I am always terrified that something will happen and my memory card will malfunction or my computer will crash and I will loose all my pictures...again.

3- I think I will always have the fear of being the center of attention or being on stage by myself. 

4- I am so scared of passing out some where really public. More public than walmart and Victoria Secret.

6- I am also afraid of one day messing something up in a friendship and no-longer having that relationship. Thank Jesus for a merciful, grace giving, loving God and with my relationship with Him, I don't ever have to worry about that happening.  

7- I am scared that our garden won't be all that profitable/bountiful this year.

8- Being on top of a horse frightens me...takes me a bit to get used to it. But it sure is cool :)

Okie dokie. That wasn't so hard :) I should try to keep up with this challenge now that the challenges are getting shorter ;)
Tomorrow. is the FIRST day of SPRRRRINNNNG! Yay! And I think I will celebrate with it being, oh, maybe 70* outside?  Yeah, I think so.  I'll take it :)
Thank you Lord for warm weather! Today I have taken a walk and helped get our garden ready for planting and I also brushed and brushed our sweet donkey. Perfect day to be outside-I also ate and did some studying outside as well. 
I shall update maybe tomorrow with pictures from what we have been up to lately.
have a most blessed first day of spring tomorrow! :)  


Monday, March 5, 2012

Nine Loves

Of course my top loves are things like my family, husband, my salvation etc...But I am going to "skip" those for now and do a miscellaneous 9 things that I love :)

1- Living in the mountains. (Well, technically, I live in the valley, but the mountains are my back yard.) It never gets old looking out my windows. Can't wait for spring to arrive so I can see GREEN mountains.

2- Peanut butter. I don't know where I'd be in life if peanut butter didn't exist. I eat it on toast just about every single morning. YUM.

3- Sweatshirts. They are just so comfy and wonderful. I love the big over sized ones.

4- Swimming and other athletic sports. When its slightly warmer out, I love these activities.

5- Pillows. I sleep with at least two every night. And before I was married? I used to sleep with pillows all around me. Basically my bed was piled high with pillows. So fantastic.

6- Photography. *sigh* It gives me such joy. 

7- Adrenaline rushes...LOVE them. I get such a high off of roller coasters. One day, I WILL go sky diving.

8- Good smelling shampoo. I love smelling shampoos and conditioners. Weird. 

9- Music. It's right along the lines of what I said about peanut butter. Except I don't have it on my toast almost every morning. 

Have a wonderful and most blessed day! :)    



Saturday, March 3, 2012

10 Day You Challenge

I haven't ever done something like this before on this blog...but why not? :) It looks fun, and it'll give you a glimpse into my life.

Right now I am sitting at home with the fire blazing because I am cold, and my husband isn't here to keep me warm. (okay, so it really isn't blazing. It's a gas fire place, but its still a fire and it is keeping me warm, so therefore it is blazing.) He is visiting his brother this afternoon.

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon=perfect.

Ten Secrets:

(I don't really have any secrets...? So maybe I'll change it up to be 10 tidbits/confessions about myself?)

1- All the flowers that we used at my wedding were fake. The ones that I held and all of my bridesmaids. And nobody could even tell. :) I think that was because my fantastic sister in law, Amy Joy,  put together all of the bouquets and they were gorgeous. A plus to them all being fake? I have mine sitting on the hearth next to the fire in PERFECT condition. They won't ever wilt :)

2- I detest shots. And get a tight feeling in my stomach even just thinking about them. And I have had plenty of them to last me a life time, so it would seem. A shot in the stomach every day for 14 days? I hope to never have to repeat that again. *shudders*

3- I am REALLY bad at coming up with stuff like this. I feel like I just might not even know my self very well :P

4- I bite my nails. Last year I made a New Years resolution to not bite my nails for a whole year. I made it to the 6 month mark, and that was it. It was just too much of a hassle to get the finger nail clippers out every other day! (I know, so American of lazy)  I HATE long nails!  The three times I have been to a nail saloon, I always feel so bad, almost guilty even, for going. My nails are just so short and putting nail polish on really short nails to me just isn't pretty. ( I am sure it looks good on everyone else!) And plus, I don't like the feeling of nail polish on my fingers. My nails feel weighted down.

5- I am not a big pasta fan. Call me weird. Everytime my family had spaghetti, my mom would tell me ahead of time to think of something to make for myself for dinner. Occasionally I love a good chicken alfredo. If it's made right. I just don't know what it is that makes it good...or where I've had it...stuff like that. So I don't know what the "right" kind of  chicken alfredo is for me.

6- I wish I could be going to Florida today, like so many others I know. Including most of my family.

7-  I really strongly detest shopping at malls and other stores that aren't the Goodwill or a discount store. Paying full price for a dress, shirt or whatever it may be just seems ridiculous. Especially when I KNOW I can find something similar, in good condition, for a MUCH better price.  And just about everything I own is from the goodwill. I love shopping there. It is definitely one of my weaknesses. 
Don't get me wrong though-I do like going window shopping. But would rather wind up at a Goodwill afterwards :)

8- This is going to sound gross. But I really don't like taking showers. If I had time for a bath every day, that would be fantastic. But you see, I don't. Because my baths usually wind up being quite lengthy in time. But showers just seem like a chore to me. Also- one more disclaimer. I do like being clean. I do. I just don't really care for the whole process.

9- Okay. Get this. I actually KINDA miss working at Chick-Fil-A. I really loved most of the people I worked with there..and I loved the regular customers. And I loved working the drive through. I used to hate it, but that was back in the beginning, when I first started working there. I still remember getting an order of like 4 or 5 milkshakes and having to make those, while being on headset, while taking the other customers orders and filling their drink orders, and just being in a panic when one of the milkshakes exploded and I had to start over, therefore putting me way behind in time, and the car was just about to the window and I didn't have the shakes done...and yeah. I cried.
(Pardon that terrible sentence structure. )

10- I want to go back to Japan, so badly. I miss the culture, the people, the food and the smell and the beauty of the place. I miss the memories too. Does that sound weird? It does. But I do. 

And there you have it. Day one of the challenge completed. It took me a while to come up with those 10 things...but I basically just used whatever popped into my head. So not all of it really applies to "ten secrets" :)

Have a most blessed day! :)