Friday, July 17, 2015

The tale of homemade coffee creamer

Okay. Confession. I am a coffee creamer addict. 
It has to be creamy. And sweet. Can't forget the sweetness. Oh, and it has to have flavor.  Caramel is my favorite.
Recently we, as a family, have been become vegetarian. Mainly because it's cheaper but also because we are striving to make healthier habits for ourselves. That being said, I've been working on  cutting out most forms of sugar and processed foods and it's amazing how much we don't miss any of that. We have been able to see a difference in the way we feel and even look by adding more veggies and green smoothies into our diet and less sweets and it's been great! We love it.
(Im not saying that because we are vegetarian {while at home} we are super healthy. Because you can still be vegetarian and unhealthy. We just try to do what's best for us and take little steps at a time)
But I wasn't going to give up my coffee creamer. The stuff that was delicious and creamy and full of all sorts of chemicals to make it that way and that i ingested

Time went on and as I slowly started evaluating other things we ate, (we still don't eat perfectly!) I knew I wouldn't be able to keep drinking my coffee every day with this creamer added to it and the thought of drinking it black was not even a thought in my mind.
I didn't want to give up my creamer.
So I resorted to Pinterest and I looked up home made coffee creamers.
The result was pages and pages of beautiful looking creamers in glass jars and recycled coffee creamer containers perfectly photographed. And flavor choices upon flavor choices! I was so excited to stumble into this land of diy coffee creamer. I knew I wouldn't have any trouble finding a recipe that suited my tastes.

I pulled up several recipes that looked promising. I had everything on hand-coconut milk, dates, vanilla, cocoa powder, maple syrup, cream....and I went to work ( over the period of several days).

Every single recipe I tried out failed.
It was bitter.
Not sweet.
Not creamy.
Lacked flavor.
It was disappointing and I was not pleased. Especially after spending money on pure maple syrup pure vanilla extrac and dates amongst other things.
I figured I was doomed to give up coffee because I really didn't want to continue drinking the creamer I had been(such a turn around from where I started!).
Then. Someone told me about a more natural line of creamer that Coffeemate actually produces. It's called Natural Bliss.
It has four ingredients. 
Milk. Cream. Sugar. Natural flavor.

That's it. Nothing added to it to make it creamy-it was just those four simple ingredients. I could live with those :) and though it's not healthy per-se, it's something I feel much better about putting into my body on a daily basis.

The creamer only comes in small bottles and is more pricey than the other creamer I had been buying, therefore making me limit myself to only one cup a day(occasionally two on a weekend ;) ) to save myself money and at the same time not make myself fatter. It's a win win. And my coffee creamer search was over.

I might eventually try my hand at making a creamer again-but I'm going to give it some time. I wish I knew where I had messed up after trying several recipes!