Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We got snow...

...and it seems like it's probably old news by now. But it was my first (and probably only!) snow this winter as a newly wed.
I kept saying all I wanted was one really good snow, that I could just curl up by the fire and watch it snow out our big windows.
I got my wish :)
^That was when it was still snowing.

I say that it might be our only snow for this winter because, the first day of Spring is a mere 20 days away! Yes! you DEFINITELY read that right! TWENTY! :) I am so happy.  And as soon as we got our snow...the weather warmed up to oh, you know, normal February temperatures. The 70's.
And it's stayed in the 60's for a good while now. And tomorrow it's supposed to be 74* here.  And for the next ten days the weather isn't "supposed" to get under 55. Haha.  I LOVE THIS WINTER!

The snow is beautiful, but I got it, Thank you Lord, and now spring may come :)

Yesterday, it was so nice out that I was all motivated to get stuff done. So I got caught up on laundry. Went grocery shopping. Went on a run. Baked three loaves of bread. Burned all the trash we needed to. And had all the windows and doors open because it was gorgeous out! :)
It's kind of weird to be posting pictures of snow, that only happened a little over a week ago, and now talking about 74* weather. Strange. But I am not complaining.

I think I might be running out of things to say :) But I just love this weather! I love spring! I love flowers!
Speaking of flowers. I am really looking forward to planting flowers around the house soon...because this place needs some cheering up. And then once I get flowers planted I can think about our GARDEN! :)
I am very much looking forward to seeing how my first garden turns out. I have a feeling that Brandon will be a great help with that though! :) I just can't wait for everything to start producing...and for the blackberry bushes to start blooming ( I I am onto summer...but YUM!!!)...anddd...the list goes on :)
Our beautiful home.
And with that photo and photo caption, I shall leave you-so you can go do better things with your evening than read my blog :)

Have a most blessed evening!

Monday, February 27, 2012

February Fun :)

The weekend after Valentine's day Brandon and I headed out to my families house for their annual Valentine Breakfast. We made it out there on Friday night and spent the night. My old bedroom is now the guest room :) It looks quite different!

I was asleep before my sister Maddie got home on Friday night, so when we both got up on Saturday we found out our pajamas matched!

Benji wanted to join the picture.

Everyone was up pretty early to help cook and decorate because Benji had his last basketball game of the season at 10 am that morning.

Yummmmmy! :)

It just looked to yummy to wait :)

Everyone was supposed to have a valentine for everyone...My dad's won the "prize" for being the best :) 

(sorry, some of the candy was taken off by the time I was able to photograph it :) )

Wasn't it great? That was only two pages of it...there was more.  The Big Red gum was perfect for Brandon because my dad's nick name for him is Big Red :)

Onto the game!!
Gideon didn't like the loud buzzer noise-I don't think anyone liked it, actually. It was SOO loud!
My Sweet Guy and I :)

There's my Benji!

Go Number 11!! :D

Trophy time!
Last years trophy and this years. This years is so much better :) (the one on the right)

It was such a great weekend and alot of wonderful memories made.

Two Valentine's Days ago my family met Brandon for the first time. 
(scroll down a bit to see a couple pictures from that time :) )

Have a most blessed day! :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A double date

I know...sorry, two posts in ONE day :) I just couldn't resist.

Last night was so much fun-we hung out for over 8 hours (until 1:30 AM) with two of our great friends who recently moved RIGHT down the road from us :) Bethany and Christopher.

We started our evening off with dinner at 5Guys Burgers and Fries...MMM! So yummy.
Bethany had won tickets to a basketball game at the local college, so we went to Brandon's very first basketball game :)

After the game we needed dessert. Sweet Frog was calling our of course that is where we headed.

(the happy cute couple :) )
Even though it was 9:45 and we had an hour drive home, we were not done with our evening.
There is a dollar theater in town. And a 10 o'clock showing of the Muppets. :) And so that is how we ended our was just so much fun and such sweet fellowship.

We have alot of other ideas for double dates for in the future. I am excited :)


What I'm Loving Wednesday
 Kiwi's :) 8 for $1-I thought that was a steal!

 Bible read aloud, coffee and crocheting :)

*Free* Papa John's Pizza...mmmm

Wonderful hand warmer gloves-my hands get so cold in the winter time!

Bach's Double Violin Concerto. Memorizing it :)

Crazy coffee dates and mall walking dates with my bestie

Yummy delicious Pretzel bites (I'll share the recipe soon! )

Reading the Bible OUTSIDE in February with the sun shinning on me!

A husband who plays the guitar.

That's what I am loving and am thankful for this Wednesday!
have a blessed day :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

black and white love

I couldn't think of a better idea for a photo contest than a picture of my sweet, sweet niece. She just is l.o.v.e spelled out.

I don't have access to alot of my recent photos at the moment (husband has the main computer :) ), so this one will have to do!

contest done by: lucia, etc

Newborns just make me want to hug them and kiss them all day long.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank you, Jesus!

The weather outside has been marvelous this week! Three days straight of 55*-60*+ outside! The birds have been chirping away and they sound mighty pleased with the warm sun and windy, pleasant weather. The trees and the daffodils are also showing their happiness by starting to bud and sprout.

It seems odd to be having this sort of weather in February. I just keep telling myself that it's just not gonna last. I am positive that we will probably get a big snow come March or even April.
While I am positive that that will happen...I am praying that it won't :)

I would be totally content with spring like weather for the rest of this winter.  Though I feel like I wouldn't be able to stand it if it is just teasing me. That would just be cruel.

But for now, I will enjoy this weather that the Lord has blessed us with. And I will be happy with snow too... :)
Enjoy this mild winter. :)

have a blessed evening!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

happy four months to us :)

We have made it to the four month mark :) I love getting to spend every day with this crazy guy.  He is the absolute best.

Have a most blessed day! :)