Saturday, December 24, 2011

wedding update :)

So, I couldn't access my photos on my camera because I can't find the cord. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving #2 will have to wait a few days to be posted. 
How about some wedding pictures though?? :)

Our wonderful photographers/videographers- Nuvoria Photography gave us 920 photos. All edited.
I can't decide which ones are my favorite. Not at all. Every single one of them is amazing...I couldn't be happier! If you get married and need a photographer, the choice is easy. Pick Nuvoria and Illuxia Studios. You will not be disappointed. Seriously.
Their style and creativity is amazing. YAY!

I am just posting a few for now...If you all want, let me know and I will post more. :)
^Sweet moments with my daddy before the wedding
^^My Flowergirls were darling
^^ Our bridal party
^^Some sharp looking men right there
^^My wonderful family!
^^And my new wonderful family!
^^ this is probably one of my favorite pictures. Love my little sister.
^^ Our decorations were out of this world sister has mad talent!!
^^ Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day for our wedding!
^^ I just love my family's property!
^^ our DELICIOUS cheesecake...thanks Johnnie! :)

....the end for now :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving #1 :)

...and our first tree!

 It was my first time to put up a tree! So fun!
Brandon's family brought our tree to us and helped us assemble it :)

yay! Our first tree!

I left all of the light stringing to Brandon ;)
I love the way our tree looks lit.

We are having a "Decorate our Tree" party next week so we can actually get some ornaments and have a fun time making them with the fellowship of friends! :) Should be quite fun.
Our dessert spread! Thanksgiving was hosted at our house this year for Brandon's side of the family! what a new experience it was-so quiet and laid back! :) It was wonderful. But I looked forward to the bustle of the next day when we would celebrate with my family. Both were SO fun! :)

Hosting Thanksgiving made me realize that I am missing a few essential kitchen items :) Our turkey barely fit on the plate that I had...I needed a bigger platter :P

After dinner we had a wonderful time of games and music :)

And to end the evening the guys took turns seeing who could press the most weight on the scale.
It broke.

I am so looking forward to next year! :) I just love Thanksgiving!

stay tuned for Thanksgiving #2 at my familys house! :)