Friday, April 20, 2012

Six Places

Alrighty. Today is 6 Places. So I am going to interpret that as six places I would love to go to one day.

1- The Redwood Tree National Forest park in California.

2-  New Zealand. It's just gorgeous there from what pictures I have seen.

3-   New York City

4-  Ireland-just want to see places from P.S. I Love You :) those rolling hills and fields. So pretty.

5-  Holland. I want to see the tulips.

6-  South Africa or Uganda. Always been a dream of mine.

So there you have it! I FINALLY updated my blog! Whooohoo! I just haven't felt like blogging recently, but maybe I'll get back into the swing of that :)

My life is going on though, even though I don't blog. I even turned 21. Crazy, right? :) I am enjoying being able to say that I am 21. Sounds better and a liiiitle older than 20.

Maybe now that I have started back with the 10 day challenge, I will finish it soon. Everyone else who has done it since I started has long since started and finished. You all are awesome :)

I am off to go do something productive with my day. Eat lunch! :) I've got sausage and potatoes and roasted corn on the cob waiting for me.
And then, I shall go garden for a while.

Have a most blessed weekend!     


  1. yeah!!!!!!!!! you updated it!!!!!!!!!!!! i am soooo happy! :)

  2. Bethie, did you know that I lived in southern California for 25 years and never made it up to see the giant redwoods! Maybe you can take me with you when you go....of course, you may have to push me in my wheel chair!! ;-)

  3. Sounds like some great places to go! I’ve always wanted to go to Holland, too.

  4. Sorry this took forever but you won my giveaway!!! Send me your address and I'll have it sent to you asap! Yay!!