Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cincinnati Zoo

Like I said in my last post we had the opportunity to visit the Cincinnati Zoo while we were in the area. We had gone to dinner on Saturday night and the guy who was our waiter encouraged us if we had time to check it out. Apparently it is one of the top three Zoo's in the world.

There were alot of really neat animals at the Zoo, and we were able to watch an Elephant show right when we got to the Zoo.  They were rather large smart creatures!

I only uploaded a few pictures and they happen to all be of the adorable polar bears they had.

They were by far my favorite "Exhibit" :)

Cuuuute, right? :)
They were so much fun to watch!

So, once again, this is another thing I highly recommend! :) Go see all the cute animals (and not so cute, but reallly interesting ones!)


  1. Super cute polar bears! So I know we've never met but you are friends with the Skinners and since I am now a skinner...well I am making my blog private and I know you like to read up on us here in Ak. If you want to keep doing that, could you please send me your email address? Then I can 'invite you' or something like that.

    Caitlin & Andrew Skinner

    1. Where do I send my email address to?? :)

  2. We want more blog posts!!! You never finished your lists! What are your 3 films???? Enquiring minds need to know!!!

  3. Hey Beth!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
    I'm following your blog on google reader now. :) (Yea!)
    I remember getting on here a while back and seeing your super cute wedding pictures, but hadn't stopped back again. I'm glad I did! :)