Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thanksgiving plans were rearranged a bit this year. The plan was to have thanksgiving at our house so I wouldn't have to travel anywhere with a newborn. I just wasn't expecting to go that over due and have a not even one week old baby by the time Thanksgiving rolled around.

I wasn't up to having 30+ people around ALL day while still trying to figure out so much new mom stuff.
The family decided to have the gathering at my sisters church here in town and then come over to our house for a couple of hours to do the gift exchange and family picture. That worked out quite well :). Brandon's family came over and brought a Thanksgiving meal earlier in the day-which was manageable. It was wonderful being able to celebrate with both families that day and for everyone to meet our little man.
Looking forward already to next Thanksgiving!

Our little man has been growing and growing. He is now over 11 pounds and doing well despite having a cold. :(

We love having every day to hang out with him, He is just so much fun!!

We got some cute pictures of Isaiah and Chloe together wearing their "I am special, I was born at home" t-shirts that our midwives gave us. :) So very cute!

Isaiah has impressed us from day one with how strong he is. He can hold his head up so easily most times and he loves to push himself up into a standing position when we are holding him. He is incredibly strong for being 5 weeks old.(6 weeks old tomorrow!!).

He LOVES to smile and I feel like he would love laughing as well if he could do it when he wants. He smiles SO hard sometimes that I feel like it's his way of laughing for now. It's darling.
That being said, you can almost always find Brandon and I making funny faces or saying funny thins to just see him smile. I can't get enough of him!

Brandon was gone for two weeks( two weeks ago)...he had training for his job in CO and ND. We missed him soooo much while he was gone!!

And I feel like Isaiah changed a TON while he was gone. He started smiling a lot while he was I couldn't wait for Brandon to get home so he could see all the cute things he was doing.
 We are so happy he is home now. Things just seem so much more complete.

Tomorrow Isaiah will be SIX weeks old. I can't believe it!!! When people kept saying "it goes by so fast! Enjoy it!" they weren't kidding in the LEAST! Boy. I hope it doesn't keep going by at this pace.
He has already changed sooo much.
(most of these pictures are 2-3 weeks old now!!)
Hopefully I will post soon with more "updated" pictures! We have lots!

Have a most wonderful New Year!


  1. Oh Beth!! What a sweet little guy! :) Those pictures make me wish I could hold him. I'm so glad to hear that both of you are well. What a blessing!

  2. Chloe, Asher, and presents under the tree this year!!! Family! It's what keeps me going.