Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blogging has taken such a back burner lately. I do miss it-but not toooo much :) sometimes it feels like a hassle to come out and update this poor neglected blog, but if I get into the groove of things again-it shouldn't be hard, right? 

So here I am once again, with grand plans to keep this blog alive! I know I have friends out there that this is one of the only ways they can keep up with me-so this is for you friends :). I also have recently signed up for a site called Basically they will send me a book and I read it and write a review about it using my blog within 90 days and then I get to KEEP the book! Talk about a great deal-aaaand it'll hopefully keep me in the groove of updating my blog!

Since my last post, things have obviously changed. In a ton of different ways. One of the things that's changed is that I'm growing another baby. A boy baby at that. He is still nameless and will probably stay that way until he pops out, unfortunately. That being said-if you have a name recommendation that has a good meaning attached to it, please share :). This child is "due" to arrive around October 12th of this year, so I am officially in the 3rd trimester as of today. Exciting to be nearing the end and getting to see Isaiah interact with his baby brother.

Speaking of Isaiah-he is now 20 months old and talking up a storm. He loves books and being read too-almost as much as he loves food (namely, blueberries!). We are adoring this fun time of life with him and are still amazed that he is ours and we get to watch him grow up{wayyy too fast!!}! He is quite gentle with other peoples babies and so it makes me feel like he will be a great older brother come October. My belly has gotten many a hug and kiss from this sweet boy who keeps asking "where's baby?".

Brandon has landed a pretty fantastic job recently! He just completed his first week at a company called MFX Hosting. He is in training(for the next 6 months) as a Computer Monitor. He will monitor 12 different screens with different servers on them and fix any problems that present themselves. It's a lot to learn-but such a great job with wonderful hours/pay/benefits! We are very blessed and thankful to be done job searching after almost a year of odd jobs/internships/applying for jobs. Praise God! Brandon will pick back up with school in the spring semester so he can concentrate on learning this job fully and to the best of his ability.
So for now, we are staying here in Roanoke!

Life has been busy and full for us lately and I hope I can continue to blog about it, especially since it's so easy these days with a blogging app on my iPod and all the pictures I take are mostly on my iPod :)
So stay tuned for updates in our little family's life!


  1. I feel the same way about blogging. I got back on and said I will update this more regularly. My last post was May 22nd. Haha!

  2. I feel like I need to do more blogging about life, since I usually just do book reviews. I love blogging for books! They have some fun cookbooks available.;)
    So excited to hear about Brandon`s job!
    And, can't wait to see more pictures! Isaiah is ADORABLE!!!

    1. I am working on a letter to you!! :D I actually saw your review on the blogging for books website on the book I ordered :)

  3. Oh, I thought of you with this post I did a while back.