Saturday, November 1, 2014

New wardrobe!

I've been desperately wanting to revamp my wardrobe lately and start changing out my style from teenager to early 20's/youngmom look. Not quite sure what a "young mom" look is-but figured it's different than what I had been wearing. 
Only problem was that I didn't have any extra money to spend on buying new/new to me clothes. 
That's where Twice comes in. Twice is an online clothing consignment type website for women's name brand clothing. A friend of mine posted her referral link on Facebook not too long ago and said that she got $50 worth of clothing for just $5! I was immediately intrigued :). So off I went and followed the instructions on how to get $20 worth of credit and then 50% off my first order. I then started browsing the site and added things into my cart that totaled up to $50 so I could get free shipping.
Once I finished and clicked the check out button-I paid a grand total of $6.90 for everything in the photo below!
Needless to say-I was hooked :)
I went ahead and shared the instructions along with my referral code on Facebook and waited to see if anyone would sign up. (When you sign up with my link you get $10 automatically added to your account and $10 to mine!)
People did.
Eventually I was able to go on quite the shopping spree for completely free! I had $200 in credit!
So. This is what I got.
13 shirts (long, 3/4 length and short sleeved) that were all very, very nice name brands!
Three pairs of jeans. I went ahead and got a size bigger than what I wore before pregnancy, just incase, because I know bodies change :)

When I opened my box from them, I was SO pleasantly surprised with how it all was presented! It was definitely like Christmas morning. :)

They have a great 30 day return policy so if anything doesn't fit I can send it back to them for a refund-minus the shipping! Not too shabby!

The greatest part about my $200 order is not that I didn't pay a cent, but how much I SAVED! I couldn't believe the number :)

Do you see that in the red down at the bottom?? I saved $908.47 by shopping at Twice! Um-yes please and thank you!!

So if you haven't already, you totally need to go sign up AND download their app if you have an apple device! (Android will only give you 50%off-but that's still fantastic!)

Here are the instructions on how to get your first order for as low as $5!

1. Click on referral link below and get a $10 credit for signing up.
2. Download the Twice app - get another $10. ( I downloaded on my iPod!!)
3. Visit this blog for a 50% off coupon (link in the blog): 
4. Free shipping on orders over $49, which is applied BEFORE the $20 credit and 50% if your order total is $50, you get free shipping, 50% off brings to $25, then $20 credit means you pay $5 for a $50 order.

This has been such a blessing and I can't  wait to go through my other clothes and start getting rid of stuff!! :)

*i have not been asked to write this post-I have just had such wonderful customer service and a fantastic overall experience with them I WANTED to write this! *

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