Friday, October 14, 2011

The Greenhouse

The day we got home from our honeymoon-we had a job offer. One that we had til the end of the week to pray about.
We apparently didn't even have that long. Monday comes around and the decision had to be made that day.

There is a greenhouse up the road from us that we are now basically running.

It was owned by a lady who just got a full time job and can no longer spend the time needed at the greenhouse to make it function-and to provide local restaurants with fresh greens. So she needed to find someone to take over very quickly. So our neighbor-Hannah, Brandon and I are taking over the business.
Every single part.

I love the work inside the greenhouse and the packaging and the sorting. It gets tedious at times, but it's something that is really enjoyable and I just know God has blessed us with the job opportunity for now and I welcome learning new skills.

We have only worked two days there so far-but we have sold stuff already! It is alot of work, but having the fellowship of my new neighbor is such a blessing. She is around my age, has two young children (she is super busy!) and plays the violin :) We have been having such fun just playing in the dirt.
There are 36 beds in the green house.
we are growing a salad greens mix, a lettuce mix, arugula, mizuna, and I think something else. 
Every week there are supposed to be 6 beds harvested. We did alot of harvesting and sorting and packaging today, mainly because the lady didn't have enough time recently to keep up with the whole business. 
Happy little baby. 
The beds under the white sheet type things are the ones I planted today. 
Mr Potato head toys-a must for a toddler :)
This is how we keep track as to what has been planted in each particular bed. And when it was planted.
We wash and sort in this room.
And then, let them dry off enough.
And then package and label them! they are ready to be sold to restaurants, farmers markets or individuals. :) 
Taking a moment (Hannah) to deal with both kids. 

Next post-the house :)


  1. This sounds like an exciting adventure! I can't wait to see your new home.

  2. What a neat opportunity! We'd love to get to do some farming one day! And right now, we've really been enjoying visiting and buying good food from some local farms!