Friday, October 14, 2011

We are now nestled in the valley of the beautiful Blueridge mountains where we are making our home. Fall is in full swing right now and looking out the window you just see mountains of color. It's really picturesque.

Our honeymoon to the Shenandoah Valley was so wonderful and super relaxing. The last two days is when the leaves started to change so driving on Skyline drive was such a treat during those two days. We went hiking and did a zipline tour and walked around the town and played tennis. The resort where we were staying was basically a huge golf course-we just didn't play golf. It was neat seeing everyone else there so enthused about it though! We got back on Sunday and picked up Brandon's car and all of the wedding gifts from his family's house and then headed home for the first time. It was all so very exciting. I love having a place of my "own"-even though the house isn't completely ours, we are both striving to feel at home and make it feel home to us. I can already tell I won't EVER want to leave this valley. It's just too beautiful :)

This was atop a little hike we took when we were driving on Skyline Drive- It's called Little Stony Man. It was the most phenomenal view! 

Monday my sister and her husband and two kids came over to help us open all of our wedding gifts :) That was quite fun and it was great having the company and lunch provided! My dad also came to visit us that day and he brought us Blue Collar Joe's donuts. Yum.

Since then, we have been busy on a new adventure the Lord has blessed us with. But I will share that in another post.
God has been incredibly good to us so far and we have been so enjoying married life. I especially like cooking and figuring out meals together. Lots of soups-beacause they are yummy and cheap :)

Hopefully I will get some more posts up on here...I know people are dying to see the house and land. Maybe this weekend I will take photos of the house and land and do a post on that. :)

(All the pictures on this blog for a while will just be from my iPod and Brandon's phone-I don't have any cord to get my pictures off my camera onto his laptop... :P )

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  1. Beth! Congratulations to you and your husband! I enjoyed getting to see some pictures of the wedding on Stephanie's blog! Looked like a lovely wedding. May the Lord greatly bless you both as you start this wonderful, new part of life together! May you grow closer together each day as you seek to know, love and serve the Lord with all your hearts.