Saturday, November 26, 2011

Get your Christmas cards!

This year I entered to win the 50 free holiday cards from Tiny Prints with the Holiday 2011 Christmas Card Blog Campaign! :)

I have gotten cards from them once before, and was thrilled when I saw that there was an opportunity to get some for free! Their website gives you a lot of different options to work with for your custom made cards and their prices on the different cards are pretty excellent-shipping included in that statement :)

I was browsing around and looking through their cards and found one that I like quite alot, and I believe I just might use these for Brandon and I's cards this year :)

Go to:  to check out all of the different options that they have this year! :) Cards with photos are the best way to go, in my opinion :)

This is the card I like the best:

Buuuut, I also like this one...

aaaannnd this one :)

:) There are just so many :)

So, go have fun! Create your cards now- it's the time to do it! :)

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