Friday, November 18, 2011

"our" house :)

I am fulfilling my promise. iPod pictures! :P

We have been blessed with basically a four story house to live in, rent free, for up to possibly three years.

Isn't that awesome? :)

I have so much still to do with the house to make it "home", but for now, here are some pictures of most of the rooms.
This weekend Stephanie and I are going to yard sales and a huge flea market type thing, I am hoping to be able to find some decorating things for cheap :) And soon I will be putting Christmas decorations up. I will post more pictures later when things are decorated :)

The house.
We are located in the valley with a gorgeous mountain view right from our windows.
I love looking out at that view every really doesn't get old.

Alrighty-the inside :)

^^ our kitchen and dinning room
The door on the far left is our pantry, the one to the right, closest to the camera, is the bathroom.

fire place, one of two music corners, music stands... :)

Our free couch, ottoman and double chair. We will soon be getting a FREE piano and another free couch! :)
Our second music corner :) We have two guitars, a viola, two violins (four right now-borrowing two), two mandolins, a cello, music books and soon to be a piano :)

This is my favorite corner of our living room. The chair was free, and the afghan was made by some dear friends. I love it! The sun hits just right on this chair... :)

going dowwwwn to the basement.

We have a big tv down there now...but I need to work on making this area more friendly looking-I just never use this area!

Downstairs bathroom with washer and dryer...I love the washer and dryer :D

guest room number one :) ( just for you Lydia!)...can't wait to do more with this room!

 Guest rooms number 2 and 3... :)
Hopefully, in the next week or two, I will finish getting all of my boxes of books down from my room and exchanging books. Putting theirs into my boxes and putting my books on the shelves :)

this is right before you go downstairs (from the kitchen) or outside...
I like this spot-its right next to our fridge and in the dinning room area
Our fridge with my cool wall hanging from Bethany which she brought back for us from Scotland :) I need magnets :P
going uppp the stairs... Our room is right there on the right. But, no pictures. It still has boxes and I will wait til those are out and I have some things on the wall to show pictures :)
Our over look area...
ta da!
Going uppppp the stairs again, into the "attic"
Brandon LOVES this room :)

The other two rooms up in the attic....sooo much space!
There is also a storage room.
Oh, this is our patio. I love sitting out there :)
Part of my pantry :)
Our barn-we have goats and a donkey. And two cats that i don't like.
that is my tour, for now :) Come vist!!

More posts coming the beginning of next week!
Be praying for Brandon-he has a job opportunity that he is shadowing next week! :)


  1. I love seeing your home! What a blessing! It is GORGEOUS! I love the tile in the laundry room.

  2. That is awesome! That is also A LOT of space! Need to fill it! LOL! Whose house is it? Are the owners planning on coming back? I am so glad that worked out for you! :D Is it close to the Greenhouse? Hope everything works out for the best with the job opportunity!

  3. thanks for posting the green room! :) and i will come and visit you guys, just expect me to be staying for a couple months at the least! :)and of course i will be staying in the green room as you said i could! i love you house, it is sooooooo big, love the view! see you guys 2morow night!love ya!

  4. I remember needing magnets!!!Haha! And lucky you having so much space especially a pantry! I love your house!

  5. Haha, I can't believe I'm seeing this a month after you posted it! I've been so terrible about keeping up with people's blogs over the past few months. Anyhow, I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!! It is so big and beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I can't wait to come see it in person. :-)