Wednesday, February 15, 2012


What I'm Loving Wednesday
 Kiwi's :) 8 for $1-I thought that was a steal!

 Bible read aloud, coffee and crocheting :)

*Free* Papa John's Pizza...mmmm

Wonderful hand warmer gloves-my hands get so cold in the winter time!

Bach's Double Violin Concerto. Memorizing it :)

Crazy coffee dates and mall walking dates with my bestie

Yummy delicious Pretzel bites (I'll share the recipe soon! )

Reading the Bible OUTSIDE in February with the sun shinning on me!

A husband who plays the guitar.

That's what I am loving and am thankful for this Wednesday!
have a blessed day :)


  1. Those hats are amazing... Totally fit for a royal wedding :)

  2. mmmm...that kiwi looks mighty Delicious=) and you and Bethany are so cute=) i LOVED ALL the pictures!!!