Monday, February 27, 2012

February Fun :)

The weekend after Valentine's day Brandon and I headed out to my families house for their annual Valentine Breakfast. We made it out there on Friday night and spent the night. My old bedroom is now the guest room :) It looks quite different!

I was asleep before my sister Maddie got home on Friday night, so when we both got up on Saturday we found out our pajamas matched!

Benji wanted to join the picture.

Everyone was up pretty early to help cook and decorate because Benji had his last basketball game of the season at 10 am that morning.

Yummmmmy! :)

It just looked to yummy to wait :)

Everyone was supposed to have a valentine for everyone...My dad's won the "prize" for being the best :) 

(sorry, some of the candy was taken off by the time I was able to photograph it :) )

Wasn't it great? That was only two pages of it...there was more.  The Big Red gum was perfect for Brandon because my dad's nick name for him is Big Red :)

Onto the game!!
Gideon didn't like the loud buzzer noise-I don't think anyone liked it, actually. It was SOO loud!
My Sweet Guy and I :)

There's my Benji!

Go Number 11!! :D

Trophy time!
Last years trophy and this years. This years is so much better :) (the one on the right)

It was such a great weekend and alot of wonderful memories made.

Two Valentine's Days ago my family met Brandon for the first time. 
(scroll down a bit to see a couple pictures from that time :) )

Have a most blessed day! :)


  1. awwww!!!!!!! love the picture of Gideon at the game covering his ears and the picture of you and Brandon!

  2. That was like...seriously brilliant. Love the idea of all that candy! :D