Monday, November 12, 2012

41 weeks and counting

Today I am 41 weeks pregnant. Kinda hard to believe. But I am following in my mothers footsteps and carrying my baby late. Seriously though, this baby is SO content inside!!

I keep getting LOTS of questions about the baby and when it's going to arrive, how I am feeling, if anything is progressing instead of responding to all of the facebook messages and wall posts and texts etc, I figured I would post a blog post and give a general update :)

First let me clarify that I REALLY appreciate everyone asking about the baby and me and for all of the prayers. They are so greatly appreciated.

I had a doctors appointment today with my OB/GYN and they did a non stress test on the baby. I was hooked up to two different monitors. One monitored the baby's heart rate and I had a little button I pushed every time he moved, so that the print out knew, and the heart beat spiked every time that he moved. It was really cool to see. He did such a good job and that's what they were looking for. The other monitor monitored contractions. But I didn't have one the whole 30 minutes I was hooked up-which was odd; but not concerning.

Next I went to get an ultrasound. There they checked my Amniotic Fluid Index. The normal index is supposed to be anywhere from 5-24. Baby's was 11. So, everything looked great!

Baby is just hanging out in there. I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow at nine and then, if I am still pregnant, I have another appointment with my Dr on Thursday to basically do a repeat of today.

Soooo hoping baby comes before Thursday!!!

That's just about it! :) My little update. We know this baby will arrive when the Lord wants him/her to. And we are just fine with that.

(btw, I know I said "he" several times through out this post, but we really don't know the gender. It's just easier to type out a "he" or "she"....)

That is me at 40 weeks. And I have gained a total of 48 pounds.
This was me at 20 weeks, I believe. Crazy how much this baby has grown. My midwife says baby will be a nice and good size and that he fits quite nicely inside of me.

Who knows, maybe my next post (not counting the other posts I plan to do today to get a little caught up) will be about a baby in our ARMS! :) I wouldn't mind! Even though right now it seems like it won't happen (just NO signs except for an occasional contraction :) ), it very well could happen at any time. :)

Have a most blessed week!


  1. And here I thought perhaps you knew the gender of the baby.;)
    Thinking and praying for you and Brandon!

  2. Wow! That looks like a lot of baby in there :) Tomorrow is Savannah's birthday, so she's pulling for you! Can't wait to hear that your little one is finally here. Praying for you! Love you! The Bantons

  3. Beth, you are one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies I have ever seen! You are just radiant! Praying for a safe delivery!

  4. Wow....I haven't seen you in a while and you have grown!!!! Def a girl!!! :-) Love you and cannot wait to hear about the big girl when she arrives:-)