Monday, November 5, 2012

of samples, babyshowers, anniversaries and due dates :)

I am blessed.
So very, very blessed.

And this post is just a glimpse into why I am so blessed. Just a few reasons.

I have a baby inside of me that is still cooking away and is totally content to just stay inside me for a while longer. Who knows how much longer-but I am sure whenever he/she is ready-the appearance will be made :)
Due dates are silly things anyway. Babies don't listen to them. I can tell my baby hundreds of times today if I wanted, that today is the day it's" supposed to" come out-but it doesn't care :) And believe it or not, I am not terribly disappointed if he/she doesn't make their appearance today. I know I am like my mom in pregnancy-and her tendency is to go over-due. So that's what I am planning on :)

My very pregnant pumpkin belly on Halloween :) We dressed up to go to Chipolte to get $2 booritos :)

All that being said- I can't wait to meet this baby and Brandon can't wait either, but we are happy everything looks good so far, and waiting isn't that bad.

Everyone has been SO kind and we had two more baby showers in September and October.

Those were pictures from a fantastic shower that my dear friend Bethany and her mom threw for us at their house! So much fun and everyone was so generous!!
Bethany even took some maternity photos for us after the shower. It was the first time we had some of Brandon and I and baby together :)

 Lovely ladies from our church threw us a Pumpkin themed baby shower the first weekend in October. I loved all of the decorations.

 My sister made me a nursing cover and Brandon wanted to try it on.

Brandon's brother, Jeff, carved us a pumpkin :)

Brandon and I celebrated one WONDERFUL year of being married on October 1st. To celebrate we spent the Saturday before the 1st having a picnic and taking a hike in the beautiful BlueRidge Mountains. And then getting to see my darling nephew Asher James for the first time.

On our actual Anniversary we went out for dinner and a movie :) I'd say it was a great celebration for one year of being married!

 My brother is a DAD!!!
 He is a pretty precious little guy!! :)

Lately, I have been getting a TON of samples in the mail!!! I keep forgetting to take pictures of all of them...but here are a couple :) I've gotten cereal, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, coffee, tea samples, dog and cat food, dish detergent, laundry detergent and the list goes on.

Makes getting the mail quite exciting :)

Anyway! I am off to go take a nice long walk. Maybe that will get things moving along :)

Have a most blessed Monday!


  1. Is this your first child?

  2. Yeah! New posts! new pictures! All I can think about now is baby, baby, baby, baby, baby. baby LAY!

  3. Love your cute Halloween belly! (o: How fun that you got showered again for Baby Lay - what a blessing! There are so many little things we need to take care of a baby when they arrive. Thinking of you and the last few moments before you officially become a mommy!! Can't wait to find out WHO it is!

  4. WIll we get a sneak peak at the maternity photos ;)?

  5. I burnt my garlic bread while reading your post!!