Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tea with family

My moms mom and my moms twin sister were all in town this past week so they all came to visit us! Mom got to see our new place and she also took us all out to tea! Stephanie and her kids, Amy Joy and Asher and Isaiah and I! 

We went to an adorable little tea tavern near where we used to live!

We had the entire upstairs to ourselves and they even provided us with high chairs/booster seats! Were they prepared or what?

Everything was DELICIOUS and we had such a great time catching up!!!
The tea was in honor of Amy Joy's birthday :) good cause for celebration in my opinion!
It was all too pretty to not take photos of the food :)
My aunt Pat and I with Isaiah!
And you can't end a wonderful meal with out dessert can you?!

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