Monday, September 9, 2013


Saturday we had a surprise birthday party for Amy!!
It was great because my grandma and aunt were still in town so it was added time spent with them!
Amy Joy didn't have a clue as to what was coming and Zach even picked up the ice cream cake AND the food for dinner that afternoon with her IN the car! :)
Everyone was so sneaky and we were able to pull off a great party!
Happy birthday, Amy!!!
After the party, we stuck around and hung out with Zach and Amy and her siblings.
Asher and Isaiah had a great time playing and fighting together :) they are gonna be best buds :)
See what I mean?
Total adorableness :)

That day, Maddie asked me to be her bridesmaid!!!
(YES! by the way!! She is ENGAGED to be married next May!!!)

Such a great weekend!

More to come later! :) enjoy my posting spree!

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