Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2 years!

It's been 2 wonderful years married to this guy. And it has been the best 2 years-more than I could ever have asked for.
I have definitely seen how we have grown together as one over time and it makes me so excited to see that unity happen even more as the years go on. The realization of how selfish I am as a human being has never been so clear to me and has been even clearer since having Isaiah.
God is so good and merciful and has given me a husband who loves me despite my selfishness and my CONSTANT failing. Just a wonderful, tangible way I can see God caring and loving me. 
To celebrate two years of marriage we were blessed to be able to have a weekend away. It felt like we had gone someplace far-but really we were literally only about 5 miles from our house. We decided to play tourist in our own town and we had a fantastic time.
We definitely missed our boy, but I knew he probably didn't even realize we were gone :)

I am *so* excited for the rest of our marriage together! God is so good.
So many more lessons to learn, I'm sure! :)

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