Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Canning apples!

To answer everyone's questions-yes! I am still pregnant. No signs of baby coming any time soon but that's okay-we have a week for him to make his appearance naturally before induction. So prayers appreciated that he would :) Isaiah came at 41 wks 4 days so it's definitely possible!

About a month ago I got a huuuuge bag of horse apples to make into applesauce, fruit leather and dried apples. The weight of my bag was over 70lbs and I only paid $14 for the entire bag!
I finally had a day where I could dedicate to just apples and took the opportunity and got going! 
It was a little rough starting out-I wasn't feeling great and had to take lots of breaks to sit down and rest/eat/throw up etc. oh the joys of being just about 9 months pregnant at the time!
Thankfully though, this year I borrowed my mother in laws Vitamix. Best invention ever and made the apple sauce process SOO fast compared to previous years. It obviously still took me all day since I was working by myself and afore mentioned reasons for sitting down/resting very frequently.
With the vitamix, all I had to do was cut the apples into quarters and dump them into the blender. Once it was full, I turned it on and it took about 15 seconds or less to turn into wonderful, delicious applesauce!
I would then transfer it to a big pot and hear it up.
Once it was heated through, I would put the applesauce into jars and put them into the water bath! It was such a quick and easy process!
This applesauce is even better for you because it's made with the skins and there is not a drop of added sugar!!
I then went on to use a mandolin slicer and did quite a few apples that way-and dehydrated them.
And THEN I made fruit leather out of left over apple sauce that I didn't have enough jars for :) I think I worked off an on for about the entire day :) 
I'm very thankful to have it all stored up-although, the fruit leather is totally gone now, thanks to Isaiah :) it makes the absolute perfect snack! I think I want to get another bag just to turn into fruit leather and dried apples :) mmm!

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  1. Did you just dry your applesauce to make the fruit leather? I keep meaning to make some..:)