Monday, September 29, 2014

Chia Vitality

Chia Vitality by Janie Hoffman

This book caught my eye because I've been so curious about all the health benefits of chia seeds and needed ways to use up my huge container of chia seeds that I currently have sitting on top of my fridge!
Janie Hoffman, the author, has put together a fantastic source of information on the many uses of chia seeds, a menu plan and has even incorporated a yoga routine to go along with all of this.
Some of the suggestions or information was a little too "out there" for my liking, but I did come away with more knowledge about all of the things you can do with chia seeds/what they do for you.
These tiny little seeds are a great source of Omega 3's, protein, fiber and antioxidants! Just a tablespoon or two a day will give you a boost of energy PLUS keep you fuller for longer! Add them to your smoothie, your oatmeal, chili, soups-whatever! You can even grind them into a powder and use it as an egg substitute. There are just so many ways you can incorporate these little seeds into your every day diet and you won't even notice them half of the time!
My favorite part of her book was the recipe section towards the end of the book. What a fantastic resource for healthy recipes incorporating chia seeds! I'd highly recommend getting this book if you are curious about all things related to chia! I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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