Sunday, January 25, 2015

A day in my life

I've seen a lot of other "mommy bloggers" do posts where they document their every day life in pictures and I've always found those posts so interesting. 
So, I got the notion to try it out myself. Not that I consider myself a mommy blogger, because I am not. I just thought it would be fun and totally doable.

It wasn't. 

These photos took me about three days to take and I STILL never remembered to take photos after lunch time :p

And. My days aren't that interesting. I tried documenting on a week that would show what a normal day for me looked like at home with the boys. So here it goes. :) 

Another disclaimer. I'm not funny.

My days start out at 5 am usually. I crawl out of bed and go down to the basement to do my insanity workout.
I don't get it done every morning so sometimes it happens midday-especially of i have a child who decides that as soon as i leave the room, he needs to wake up too.

Around 5:45 or 6, I come up the stairs and have my coffee and read/talk to brandon/get his lunch ready before he heads off to work.
(Usually James decides to go back to sleep)
Brandon leaves at 6:30 and I head into the kitchen to do dishes and try to clean up before the kids wake up.

Around 7-7:30 isaiah wakes up and we get breakfast and I make a smoothie.
After breakfast around 8 I clean the kitchen floors and sweep.  It's amazing how i can do this every day and they STILL need to be done every day. Sad.
I spot clean my floors. I don't know why.
Once finished with that rag-I throw it on the top of my basement stairs along with all the other random dirty laundry I'm too lazy to take down the stairs.

James decides he wants to wake up and eat next. So I feed him and try to avoid the unavoidable spit up. Doesn't matter where the burp cloth is-he will miss it somehow and I will get covered.
Next it's usually story time for isaiah. We almost always read the same five books that happen to always be downstairs-they just never make their way upstairs to his room so they have automatically become our morning , noon and evening story time books.
I walk into the kitchen to get the broom to sweep the living room after noticing it really needs a good sweep.
Wait!!! How are there already dishes that need to be done??
They never.ever.end.
I grab the broom anyway and go sweep.
Isaiah is usually trying to be a big help. Usually.
Other times he does this.
Next I go get the laundry from the basement to fold. It's probably been sitting down there for quite some time.
Laundry gets folded and I leave it there until nap time when I can put it away. I don't know why I do that-because I then spend the rest of the morning refolding items. Weird thinking/processing on my end.
James gets in some playtime and by this point in the day I completely forget about documenting my day and my whole "plan" is pushed to the back of my mind and I realize I won't be like those other "mommy bloggers". and that's okay with me. I'll just stick to reading their great blogs and not try to replicate them.

My days are plenty exciting for me and probably only me and I'm okay with that :) every day is different and I don't always stick to a routine. That's just life. And life with 2 kiddos :)


  1. That was a great blog.. entertaining AND you made me laugh! :) Thank you for sharing your adventures in mommy-land!

  2. I love the picture of Isaiah trying to sit on the bumbo.;)