Monday, January 26, 2015

Book Review #4

Love Without Limits
I had seen Nick Vujicic's story on Facebook and other news sites and such and was always intrigued by his sweet story-I was excited to be able to read the book about his journey.
Nick Vujicic was born with out arms and legs and yet while reading this book and I am sure even meeting him in person, you wouldn't even notice. His personality really comes out in this book and its upbeat, honest and real. This book lets you be in on all the little details on his love story with his beautiful wife Kanae and along the way they give some advice, tips and pointers for keeping your eyes on Christ thru it all.
The trials and bumps in the road that he and his wife faced during their story and the ways they overcame and trusted God are surely inspiring.
This book takes you along with them in a very real way from the Nick telling about past failed relationships to him and Kanae being united as one in marriage. It's such a sweet story and I highly recommend it!

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