Monday, January 30, 2012


My most wonderful sister, Stephanie, let me borrow their old laptop so I could remove all of my pictures off of my memory cards and put them onto my external hardrive. She told me I could use this laptop until I get a new one! :) Isn't that such a wonderful blessing? I was so thrilled.

So, in thanks, I am doing a post on my most adorable niece, Tirzah. She had a birthday yesterday and a PARTY on Saturday. I got my camera out and took a few pictures of the cutie.

The cutie was spoiled with SO many adorable outfits! She is set for the entire spring/summer months :)

Following in her Auntie Maddie's footsteps...she was excited about the clothes :)

^Mama's girl.

We had a wonderful time with my whole family who came up for the occasion. Nobody wanted to miss little Tirzah's first birthday.

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