Monday, January 30, 2012

Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Fosters

I am doing this for my family because I know they wanted to see a post done on it....but I never got the chance.
I am seizing the opportunity now-thanks to my wonderful sister! (see previous post...)

Thanksgiving at the Fosters is always a hustle and bustle kind of day. That type of day is dear to my heart and I just adore the goings on, on Thanksgiving day with my family. It seems like the cooking starts the moment it's light out...this year was a bit more relaxed, but still oh so fun :)

We ate quite well-no worries :)
The wonderfully yummy pie "table"..mmmmmm...
The lovely center piece on the table. I absolutely have the cutest and sweetest brother and sister in law!
Such wonderful fellowship!

Family picture time! It took  me a few minutes to get the camera set up on the tripod, correct settings etc...and then I forgot how to set the selftimer. Ooops. Thank goodness for a camera savvy husband :)
I love posting the "getting ready" pictures. Usually they are so amusing. This year (click link-the fam pics are way down....)was my favorite year for family pictures to date.  But I still like looking at the candids from 2011's and wondering what ALL was going on :)

Here, mom is taking things into her own hands. Miriam and Sam say not to, and  try to gesture that it's not a good idea, but both are to quiet and passive. Everyone else just stands by.
Miriam looks like she is missing something (a dog..just like in the 2008 photos), Benji is in shock, Matthew is bored, and Joshua is thinking that Ruthie needs to grow taller or something.
Ah, there you go, Miriam. All set. Now, Benji isn't shocked any more, he is confused. And Matthew is happy about that. Dad doesn't like that the dog is in the picture.
Maddie starts forming a clique.
Sorry we are boring you, Brandon.
And Joshua, I think we have everyone. We don't need everyone driving by in their cars to be in the picture. :)

Oh! we did it! wow
That is DEFINITELY more like it :)

Isn't my family great?! 
the lovely couple :)
me and my sweet guy

We had our annual family Christmas gift exchange later after all the Thanksgiving eating and stuff. It was nice because everyone was together and everyone got to see the person they got a gift for, open it.
Gifts are so much fun-especially when they are Car's related :)
He was excited :)

And that's it for now! 
I'll be posting more frequently in the future now that I have a laptop and access to pictures and such!
Have a most blessed evening/rest of the week! :)


  1. Loved seeing these, and love all those pictured! Hope you're doing awesome. :D

  2. These are great, Beth! What a wonderful blessing to have a large family. So many smiles.

  3. I just love the new profile photos! Those are 4 great pictures! Thanks for posting all the T-Day pictures. I'm glad you are back "online".