Monday, March 19, 2012

Eight Fears

What a terrible delay I have taken in updating my blog. So sad! :)
We have been keeping quite busy and while I have thought of updating, I just never felt like sitting down to actually update. Here I am though. Better late than never :) Guess we shall see how long it takes me to finish this Ten Day You Challenge.

Here we go-

Eight Fears

1- I have a terrible fear of getting poison ivy again. Haunts me every time I go out into the woods without my legs and arms completely covered up. I am highly allergic to it. I once was called "Poison Ivy Face".

2- I am always terrified that something will happen and my memory card will malfunction or my computer will crash and I will loose all my pictures...again.

3- I think I will always have the fear of being the center of attention or being on stage by myself. 

4- I am so scared of passing out some where really public. More public than walmart and Victoria Secret.

6- I am also afraid of one day messing something up in a friendship and no-longer having that relationship. Thank Jesus for a merciful, grace giving, loving God and with my relationship with Him, I don't ever have to worry about that happening.  

7- I am scared that our garden won't be all that profitable/bountiful this year.

8- Being on top of a horse frightens me...takes me a bit to get used to it. But it sure is cool :)

Okie dokie. That wasn't so hard :) I should try to keep up with this challenge now that the challenges are getting shorter ;)
Tomorrow. is the FIRST day of SPRRRRINNNNG! Yay! And I think I will celebrate with it being, oh, maybe 70* outside?  Yeah, I think so.  I'll take it :)
Thank you Lord for warm weather! Today I have taken a walk and helped get our garden ready for planting and I also brushed and brushed our sweet donkey. Perfect day to be outside-I also ate and did some studying outside as well. 
I shall update maybe tomorrow with pictures from what we have been up to lately.
have a most blessed first day of spring tomorrow! :)  



  1. i agree with the poison ivy totally!!!!!!!!!

  2. Argh...losing all your photos is terrible!
    I love the photo on your header banner :)