Saturday, March 3, 2012

10 Day You Challenge

I haven't ever done something like this before on this blog...but why not? :) It looks fun, and it'll give you a glimpse into my life.

Right now I am sitting at home with the fire blazing because I am cold, and my husband isn't here to keep me warm. (okay, so it really isn't blazing. It's a gas fire place, but its still a fire and it is keeping me warm, so therefore it is blazing.) He is visiting his brother this afternoon.

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon=perfect.

Ten Secrets:

(I don't really have any secrets...? So maybe I'll change it up to be 10 tidbits/confessions about myself?)

1- All the flowers that we used at my wedding were fake. The ones that I held and all of my bridesmaids. And nobody could even tell. :) I think that was because my fantastic sister in law, Amy Joy,  put together all of the bouquets and they were gorgeous. A plus to them all being fake? I have mine sitting on the hearth next to the fire in PERFECT condition. They won't ever wilt :)

2- I detest shots. And get a tight feeling in my stomach even just thinking about them. And I have had plenty of them to last me a life time, so it would seem. A shot in the stomach every day for 14 days? I hope to never have to repeat that again. *shudders*

3- I am REALLY bad at coming up with stuff like this. I feel like I just might not even know my self very well :P

4- I bite my nails. Last year I made a New Years resolution to not bite my nails for a whole year. I made it to the 6 month mark, and that was it. It was just too much of a hassle to get the finger nail clippers out every other day! (I know, so American of lazy)  I HATE long nails!  The three times I have been to a nail saloon, I always feel so bad, almost guilty even, for going. My nails are just so short and putting nail polish on really short nails to me just isn't pretty. ( I am sure it looks good on everyone else!) And plus, I don't like the feeling of nail polish on my fingers. My nails feel weighted down.

5- I am not a big pasta fan. Call me weird. Everytime my family had spaghetti, my mom would tell me ahead of time to think of something to make for myself for dinner. Occasionally I love a good chicken alfredo. If it's made right. I just don't know what it is that makes it good...or where I've had it...stuff like that. So I don't know what the "right" kind of  chicken alfredo is for me.

6- I wish I could be going to Florida today, like so many others I know. Including most of my family.

7-  I really strongly detest shopping at malls and other stores that aren't the Goodwill or a discount store. Paying full price for a dress, shirt or whatever it may be just seems ridiculous. Especially when I KNOW I can find something similar, in good condition, for a MUCH better price.  And just about everything I own is from the goodwill. I love shopping there. It is definitely one of my weaknesses. 
Don't get me wrong though-I do like going window shopping. But would rather wind up at a Goodwill afterwards :)

8- This is going to sound gross. But I really don't like taking showers. If I had time for a bath every day, that would be fantastic. But you see, I don't. Because my baths usually wind up being quite lengthy in time. But showers just seem like a chore to me. Also- one more disclaimer. I do like being clean. I do. I just don't really care for the whole process.

9- Okay. Get this. I actually KINDA miss working at Chick-Fil-A. I really loved most of the people I worked with there..and I loved the regular customers. And I loved working the drive through. I used to hate it, but that was back in the beginning, when I first started working there. I still remember getting an order of like 4 or 5 milkshakes and having to make those, while being on headset, while taking the other customers orders and filling their drink orders, and just being in a panic when one of the milkshakes exploded and I had to start over, therefore putting me way behind in time, and the car was just about to the window and I didn't have the shakes done...and yeah. I cried.
(Pardon that terrible sentence structure. )

10- I want to go back to Japan, so badly. I miss the culture, the people, the food and the smell and the beauty of the place. I miss the memories too. Does that sound weird? It does. But I do. 

And there you have it. Day one of the challenge completed. It took me a while to come up with those 10 things...but I basically just used whatever popped into my head. So not all of it really applies to "ten secrets" :)

Have a most blessed day! :)


  1. Great post!! I may do this challenge thing too.. looks different and creative. I def liked the bit about nails! I SO Relate! Also- I couldn't tell about the flowers at the wedding. That's the GREATEST idea!
    And true- why spend $15 on a new shirt when I can get a skirt, 2 shirts, shoes, and a book for the same price! We should go goodwilling sometime. :)
    Love ya girl! Miss you!

  2. WE are so much alike. :) I know what you mean about shots...I HATE them. It's weird because I always think, "that wasn't that bad" once it is over but that before feeling KNOWING that is going to happen just about makes me feel sick. :P I also bite my nails...and have never been to a salon to have my nails done. Long finger nails drive me absolutely insane and polish chips off way too fast and ends up looking dumb. :P I miss working at Subway...some days I swear I hated that place...the stress, having to do ten things at once...yet somehow the very things I used to hate at times, I now sometimes miss. I TRY to like malls...I mean girls like malls...and my sisters hated shopping with me because I was always ready to go. But things are so over priced and honestly it's a bit boring going in and out of shops. The best part about malls is the exercise I get while at them. ;) We are going to Mall of America next week and I am looking most forward to LEGO, the indoor theme park and the flight fact, I highly doubt I will even really go into any of the stores. :P
    However, I DO love showers. I have always loved them (although baths rock too ;O) but once you have a baby and it's like a chore to even find time to take a makes you appreciate them more when you actually can get one! ;)

  3. I agree with you about nails feeling weighed down with polish. . .I've always felt like my fingernails can't breathe with nail polish on--my toes are the complete opposite though, I feel like nail polish completes my feet (when I have time to paint them anyway, ha ha).

    I think this challenge thing is cool--mind if I do it too?

  4. I would have never guess that about your wedding flowers! What a great idea and so wonderful to have your bouquet last forever! I'll be checking back to see your answers for the rest of this challenge. =)

  5. I personally love #9...we miss you too!!! :) come back and visit us this summer! maybe we'll let you work the drive thru for a day so you can get your fill in for the year LOL :)