Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Look at this. Two posts in a row. Don't get too used to it...but I might surprise you and post again tomorrow. With pictures :)

Seven Wants

1- I want a tortilla press.

2- I would love a better violin.

3- Someday it would be soo cool to have twins...I know. A weird want.

4- I am reallly wanting to travel the world someday. I can dream, right?

5- I want a trophy for the swim meet I was in years ago.

6- I would love to have a smaller house one day.

7-  I want a waffle cone.

Have a most blessed evening!


  1. I want my trophy too...I mean my goodness, its not like I competed in many things in my life...so jipped!

  2. I love my tortilla press, so you should definitely get one if you have the chance! They are so much fun to make. :) And I think twins would be awesome too! :)

  3. I bought my Bethie a tortilla press, since it was her #1 want. I sure am glad the better violin wasn't #1!!!!!

  4. Ok, I fulfilled 3 of Bethie's 7 wants (tortilla maker, waffle cones, and swim trophy), but all the rest are either out of my price range (violin, travel, house) or completely up to Brandon (twins)!! Now Pam (wife) has said she is going to post her own "Want" list!!