Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beach trip number 1!

September 2-8 Brandon and I went to Nags Head, NC with my family for the week.

The week was so relaxing and quite alot of fun. Brandon had to bring his work with him, but was able to have a few slow days/afternoons so he was able to enjoy the beach. He had Labour day off so that was an entire free day for him.

Bobby and Bency were able to join us with their precious baby, Zachary. Bobby had to work as well, and dad did a few things work related too, so everyonce in a while they all three worked "together". :)
I reallly took it easy that week. I got up to see the sunrise once, maybe twice? :P I also slept til 8 or so almost every morning besides the mornings I got up for the sunrise. It was great :)

Usually, around 9-10 AM everyone would head down to the beach to play in the waves, sand or just relax.
We were blessed with such great weather that whole week! Even when they called for rain it was no big deal. It would rain for a few minutes and then clear up amazingly after that. So we were able to enjoy alot of good quality time in the sun.

Several of the days the yellow flags were up and rightfully so. It meant that the currents were strong and dangerous. Even though the flags were up we still went in the water, but were careful to not go too far out.

It's amazing how little balance I had at the beach. I was easily knocked down by waves, but being IN the water was so very relaxing. Nothing hurt or was sore, it just relaxed my body.
Mom was able to do quite alot of letter writing :)
Every night each couple would take turns making the meal for the clan. We did a Mexican casserole with mashed potatoes and green beans with a yummy dessert. The last night  was the traditional shish-ka-bobs.
Dad and Brandon did those :)

One day all of us girls also went on our annual thrift store hunt. We hit about 6 different consignment /thrift stores in a few hours. We found some pretty good deals :)

Brandon's little sister, Hannah was able to come to the beach with us for a week. Everyone loved having her there :)
We really missed having Maddie, Stephanie and Zach at the beach with us this year. Maybe next time we will be able to ALL go :)

We spent times hanging out, playing games and going out for late night coffee and much more.

Over all it was such an enjoyable week. And God was so good and kept everyone safe while we were there.

Next post will be beach trip number TWO! :)


  1. I wanna go back!!! We did miss Zach, Steph, and Maddie, but it was nice having Bobby\Bency\little Zach, and Tawnya and Jeremy with us. Next year we might do the mountains.....but the beach is my favorite place in the world! And that's the way it should be for a SoCal boy!

  2. Great pictures Bethie!!! :) The sunrise's were Gorgeous!!!!