Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Friendship Swap

I love this time of year! :) It is just way too much fun. And fattening I am sure.

A few weeks ago I signed up with Kristen, for a Fall Friendship Swap. :) She matches everyone who signed up with a different blogger and then the two of you swap addresses and information about each other and you put together a box of fun fall goodies for her.

I was paired with Jennifer! We are both expecting mommies, so that was something neat that we had in common :) Her box to me arrived this past Friday. I loooove getting packages in the mail and this one was just so fun.
  Scarves and candy corn-definitely spells Autumn to me!

When I opened the box and saw the nail polish, I knew I needed to use one of those immediately :) Brandon offered to paint my toe nails so I got a free pedicure out of this whole deal too! I say I scored pretty high ;)

 Isn't the wreath just beautiful? Jennifer made it for me! I can't wait to find a spot to hang it in our house!

Annnnd, I am a candle freak, I do believe. I am planning on lighting this tomorrow afternoon so I can have my kitchen smelling like an apple pie :) YUM.
Wasn't the package so cute and fun? Next year you should sign up to get a new blogging friend and some amazing goodies in the mail!!



  1. Was so fun to swap with you Beth! Glad you enjoyed your goodies. I am enjoying all of mine! Happy fall friend!

  2. Wow - what a beautiful package and loving the scarfs I am knowing seeing everywhere. And the wreath is so beautiful... I received one too :) I love your header photo as well - who was your photographer? as I am a bit obsessed with photography.

  3. Awww so fun!!! I had so much fun with the swap! Your wreath is beautiful!

  4. What a fun package! The wreath is beautiful...I love that she made it herself!!

  5. Omigosh, I want to know how she made that wreath!! (DIY post, Jen?)

    That blue is a great color, especially for fall. I've been telling everyone - I have had such a blast doing this fall swap and seeing what other people have been giving and receiving. So cool.

  6. What an absolutely adorable wreath that is! And teal is so pretty for fall, isn't it? I love it especially with browns... So glad you decided to participate this year Beth (and that you enjoyed it too)! Hope baby arrives safely... :-)

  7. That is so much fun! I love the idea of swapping packages for Autumn.:D