Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beach Trip Number 2!!

We were sooo blessed and fortunate to be able to go to the beach not once, but TWICE this September! We had a week at home inbetween and the second trip was with Brandon's side of the family.
Definitely a smaller group, but oh so fun! :)

Brandon had the ENTIRE week off of work! It was his first true vacation with this job so it was wonderful that he didn't have to carry his work phone around with him all the time and he was able to just enjoy NOT working all week.

The only downside was that Brandon got sick. He felt like he had pneumonia coming on and he felt LOUSY just about all week. Even on his birthday :/. He had a cough, fever, headache and was so fatigued. Thankfully he is on the mend now!

We went to the Sand Dunes one day....and hiked up the huge dunes. It was beautiful!! To your left you could see the Sound and to the right-the ocean!

The ocean was different on this section of the beach. It's amazing how just a few miles can make such a difference. More shells and the water came up higher and there wasn't such a steep drop off. There was also hardly any other people on the beach! :)

There was also ALOT more wind to be felt that week. Sometimes it was painful when you went on a walk and the wind whipped up every few minutes and stung you with sand!  Not very fun, but hey, it was the beach.  And I would probably do it again :)

There was lots of sand castles being built by Ken and Corban. :)
We were also once again blessed with beautiful weather for the whole week. Even the rainy day was gorgeous in it's own way. As my dad says, "any type of weather is okay at the beach" :)

We will have to remember to make a little kiddy pool like this next year when we bring our little baby with us! It's such a clever idea!

I just loved the sunsets while there. God is just so creative!!

Brandon celebrated his birthday on the last full day we had at the beach. He is 25 now! Crazy. :)
We went out for lunch at 5 Guys Burgers and Frys and had a dinner at the house with his new birthday gift-hot sauce :)

This was the last morning there. SO gorgeous!!!
 Erika, Jeff, Corban, Hannah, Ken, LouAnne, Brandon and I

It was such a wonderful week and I can't wait to go again next year! :) (Next time with a 10 month old baby!)

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