Friday, March 15, 2013

First big trip with the little man pt 1

Yep. We went on our first road trip with our little guy last weekend.  We left around 6-6:30 Thursday evening and arrived at the location, Toogoodoo Bluff, around 1:15 am. Isaiah slept the entire way except for a little ways near the very end.
Such a good little travel buddy. :)

We were in SC for the wedding of my dear friend Bethany to her Josh.  I was the matron of honor so we got down there Friday and stayed til Sunday. It was a GREAT mini vacation and we took the most of it!

This was the main house on the plantation's property. We stayed in a little log cabin with Zach, Amy and Asher. It was all so nice.
Friday morning, Isaiah and I went to explore downtown Charleston with Bethany and the other bridesmaids that were there.

Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and it was so lovely. Everyone that was there that night was at the wedding. A small and intimate occasion and so very laid back. It was wonderful!

I do believe that Isaiah's most favorite part of the trip was playing with Asher allll he wanted. I hope they grow up to be great friends and cousins! :)

I shall post more about the trip in another post. The next one will have photos of us at the wedding, then all the photos I took and then Isaiah's first beach trip :)

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