Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Playing with froggy

Isaiah's favorite toy is a red and orange frog. I have no clue where we got it from-we could have stolen it from someone's house for all I know. But I do know that he loves it.
And the froggy likes playing with him too. :)

When you give it to him, he immediately shoves it into his mouth. Everything goes into his mouth these days.
Froggy really likes Isaiah's chubby cheeks. As does mommy.

Ooops...he is sliding down...
He wanted to come say hi to the camera.
But Isaiah had other plans in mind for Froggy. :)


  1. Frogs and chubby cheeks - it doesn't get any better than this! :)

  2. That has to be maybe my favorite post you have ever done!! Ok, I might be exagerating, but gosh, Isaiah and the froggy are both so stikin' cute!! I hope I get to see him this weekend!!