Thursday, March 14, 2013

Visits with a sister and friends!

We were SO busy last week!

My sister Lydia came home with us when we were at my mom and dad's and stayed with us til Thursday.
It was such a huge help! :)
 Isaiah LOVES Auntie Lydia. She would sing songs to him and get him LAUGHING. It was great :)
During her stay here we had my good friend Michelle and her sister Kelly up for most of the week and it was fun visiting with them. Also, during her visit here we baby sat my older sister's three kids over night!
It was quite an adventure! I took care of her 6 month old along with Isaiah during the night and surprisingly it wasn't bad! :) Definitely could have used a nap the next day, but who has time for a naps when you have an active 3 month old? :)
He is quite precious though, and is SO talkative and smiley though out the day.  Days with him are certainly bright :)
Michlle and I right before I left to go drop off Lydia!
We were heading to South Carolina that night for a wedding!!

It was quite fun having a house full of people for about a week. And then going to a wedding for the weekend, I do believe Isaiah might not have known what to do with himself this past Monday when it was JUST daddy and I around! :)

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