Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My two precious guys

Life is just SO good with these two guys in my life!!
I am sure you would agree. Isaiah LOVES his daddy. He always tries to act so serious, but as soon as Brandon starts talking to him-the smile just breaks out.
Its way too cute. :)
Isaiah is 4 months old already! (as of this past Saturday, the 16th!)
When they say the time really does. He is such a fun and easy baby. We are enjoying every moment with him!
Isaiah's favorite past time is to be naked...He gets so incredibly happy when we let him kick around with no clothes on. That's also when he rolled over, from his back to tummy, for the first time. While he had no clothes on. :)
I kind of want him to stay at this age forever...but then I also think of how much fun he will be as he gets older. Life is just too fun right now. :) So much to look forward to!

Everyone will have to wait in line to kiss those sweet cheeks of my baby. They are addicting. :) Soooo chubby.
And those eyes...and eye lashes. My goodness. Mmm. He is just wonderful.

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