Saturday, March 16, 2013

Trip post #2

Isaiah wound up being a little too cold to wear what I had bought for him all day long, but it was okay :) He stayed in the shirt for the whole day, just not the shorts.
It was really fun being able to get a nice family photo. And wouldn't you know it, this photo was taken by the bride herself! :) She just couldn't keep away from the camera all day long, she had to at least snap ONE photo---well...make that like 10, but still! We felt very honored :)
The weather was SO nice the day of, in the upper 60's, so wearing the bridesmaid dresses that she choose was nice! We weren't freezing all day.
Bethany told us to kiss. So we did. :) I never have photos or post photos of us kissing...but hey, it was a wedding. We can be romantic too :) Plus, I just love my guy. I like having photos of us...I always forget to take photos these days.  I am striving to get better at that though!!

Up next: Wedding photos!

By  the way-those flats I am wearing in the first photo? The most comfortable pair of shoes I own to date!

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  1. okay first off hi, second off cute dress and hair, third fat baby, and forth PDA