Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Away from Home

We have had a wonderful time at my In-Laws these last two weeks. Isaiah certainly will be spoiled when we go back home the middle of next week. So many hands to hold him and to give him toys...he is so spoiled here!
We've enjoyed many nights of yummy food and even s'mores one night with friends!

While at their house we have been sleeping in a king sized bed...amazing! Compared to our full sized bed at home it is quite luxurious. Especially when the little man wakes up several times a night here and winds up with us in bed most of the night. We have plenty of room for Isaiah to spread out and take up most of the bed, just like he loves to do. It's been quite nice. :)
Isaiah LOVES his Auntie Hannah. He has started reaching for her when she is around. It's so sweet.
We are so thankful for the place to stay and the company and help we have had for the past two weeks!

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