Monday, May 6, 2013

Cloth Diapering

The owners of our house have been back in town for the last two weeks and so we have been put up at Brandon's parents house for that time. Tonight we are leaving for my parents house though and will be there for almost another week. Being away from home for so long brings about a little bit of a challenge though!

Isaiah is terribly allergic to any type of disposable diaper. Even the all organic Seventh Generation diapers. Therefore, we needed to pack up all of our cloth diapers and bring them with us for the almost 3 weeks we were going to be gone.

I packed 24 prefolds, 8-9 covers, the diaper detergent and my massive wet bag. So far I have only had to do laundry three times. Laundry here is great though, because I can hang the diapers out on the clothes line to get "sunned"-aka bleached. Watching the stains disappear is so exciting to me. :)
Over all it really hasn't been difficult, its just like being at home, only better because there is a clothes line here! I can't wait to get a clothes line one day when we move!

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