Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cook Out

This past Sunday we went to my sisters house and had a cook out with her family and my dad and the kids!
It was the perfect evening for grilling burgers and hot dogs while playing in the grass!

Gideon helped grill burgers!
My dad wearing his Pop's shirt :) It has the names of all 5 grand kids with a little figure of each of them :)

We got some cute photos of Chloe and Isaiah together. They are exactly 3 months apart and are just so cute together!

Tirzah loves Isaiah...and loves giving him "hugs". :)
"What IS all this green stuff??"

 definitely exploring :)


Chloe was NOT going to let him eat grass. Because that's not what you do with grass. You just sit and play in grass. Not eat it.

He didn't care...the grass was going in his mouth and that was that.

Perfect end to the day :)

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