Friday, May 3, 2013

Hiking for the first time as a family of three :)

The other week Brandon, Isaiah and I went on a hike with our friends Christopher and Bethany and their baby, Azariah. We did a trail/mountain that was only a few minutes from our house called Dragons Tooth.
When we got to the top you could see the valley where our house is located (the green part in the far left top corner.). It's always fun trying to see our house or where we live. We were able to see our house from another mountain that you can see out our windows called McAfee's Knob...There is another mountain and trail called Tinker Cliffs that you can also see from our window that we want to try out some time. It's a pretty good hike we hear.

Brandon and Christopher were so wonderful and wore both babies on them on the way up and down the mountain. The hike wasn't the easiest so I was thankful :) Even though the back pack I was carrying weighed as much as Isaiah. :)

At the top of the mountain, you have the option to climb up to the "tooth"...The guys left the babies with Bethany and I and hiked up to the top. We were perfectly content not climbing any more :)
The view is quite gorgeous where ever you are up there. We had such a wonderful hike and enjoyed the time fellowshipping with B&C. It'll be so great when the boys are old enough to really interact and play with each other! I have a feeling that they will be great friends :)

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  1. What a wonderful post! definitely worth waiting for! Brandon and Isaiah are so cute together. And, the picture of the three of you is so beautiful (just like you)! Thanks for sharing.

    (can't wait to see y'all tonight and take Little red to his first baseball game and fireworks show (has he seen fireworks before?)